Innovating and Accelerating The Digitalisation Of Education

Based in the Netherlands, MainGrounds researches, develops and deploys information technology aimed at innovating, accelerating and supporting the digitalisation of education where we primarily focus on online education. We of course do this for the known types of education (like universities etc.), but we also put our knowledge to use to help other businesses and organisations with their video presentations.

Course: Digital teacher

Teaching in front of a camera is quite different compared to teaching in a classroom. We are to help you master this skill and create engaging content.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production is a great way to create more engaging videos. We are developing ways to make this production technology more accessible.

Video productions

From introduction videos up to all videos for a full course; we are producing it all. And we will keep the whole process simple. So you can fully focus on the content.


Podcasts are another great way to get your content out there. So next to videos we are here to help you out with the development and recording of your podcasts.

Studio (re)-development

Whether you would like to deploy a small DIY studio or a bigger production studio, with our experience we can help with all development and training aspects.


Branding your videos is an important step to get a recognisable and uniform look. We can develop intro and outro bumper videos, title cards, lower thirds and much more.